BHAir is a Bulgarian maintenance organization certified under Part 145 of EASA. It has two technical bases SOF and BOJ airports. BHAir has extensive experience in the aviation industry with proven good practices in the operation of
A330 (PW & CF-6), A320 (CFM & V-2500), Beechcraft B200, Gulfstream G200, G280, G550.
All services provided by BHAir AMO Base & Line Maintenance are subject to the following Price List unless agreed otherwise in writing by Parties. Price List is applicable to Sofia (SOF) and Burgas (BOJ) airports (except for mobile services and tools rentals). This price list is not a commitment to provide the listed services. All prices are provided in USD ($) without VAT. Such taxes will be added if applicable due to Republic of Bulgaria legislation. Services provision fact in accordance with Price List must be validated by Customers representative. Any additional documents will not be provided. Contracted Customer is a legal entity with the valid Aircraft Maintenance Agreement (GTA) with BHAir and approval in accordance with BHAir Client Verification and Onboarding Procedure. Aircraft in service must be part of an Annex X Fleet. All services provided by BHAir Base & Line Maintenance are subject to MOE version in effect. Ground equipment prices are provided excluding labor for Operation, unless written otherwise. Borescope Inspections prices AS WELL AS ALL OTHER SERVICES RELATED TO THE USE OF MAN POWER ARE excluding per diems, travel expenses and HOTAC. Tools rental prices are EXW (INCOTERMS).

BH Air Ltd.
Base Maintenance Department
Sofia Airport, North Area,
1138, Sofia, Bulgaria

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